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GLAM Charity Tournament March 21st

The first tournament of the Year will be a Charity Tournament with all of the proceeds going to “Give Like a Mother” or GLAM Charity

We decided a Charity Tournament would be the best way to run a Major League Fishing Style tournament. Every fish over 12″ can be submitted, the total length of all of your fish will determine the winner. All other KBF rules are still applied.

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Submissions will be Turned off at 3pm. Optional Raffle will be held at Strictly Sail & Kayak at 3pm to 5pm with Grilling out and prizes. With the amount of fish to be judged we will not be announcing winners until the following day.

Points will go towards Angler-of-the-year, Make sure you become a member of CKF before the event if you plan on going for AOY points this year!