2021 AOY Top Ten

View the google doc link below for an easy view of the AOY standings.

2020 Angler of the Year


2021 Angler of the Year



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2020 CKF Angler-of-the-Year will receive a prize package including NRS Fishing Champion Jacket and Bibs ($380 Value), King Angler Custom Rod (TBD), Power-Pole Micro Motor, and a $100 Strictly Sail & Kayak Gift Card.

Angler the Year

This is the inaugural year for Angler of the Year for Cincinnati Kayak Fishing. We are expecting to have our biggest year in the history of the club. We are also offering club memberships this year for the first time. A CKF Club Membership will be required to qualify for AOY and you must be a member before any given tournament to be eligible for points in that given tournament. We have six regular season tournaments this year to determine AOY.

Scoring will be as follows;

1st  place will receive 100 points

2nd place will receive   99 points

3rd  place will receive   98 points

  • If the anglers placing are non-members the AOY points will roll down to the next member.
  • Each place that follows from angler who catch fish will receive one less point in decreasing order.
  • If you get skunked, you get 0 points
  • Your lowest or 1 missed tournament score will be eliminated from your total AOY score so your best 5 out of 6 scores will determine your rank.

Tournament of Champions

The TOC will be made up of the top ten in AOY points and the first-place finishers of each tournament. Further details will be determined for the TOC in the near future.

2020 Angler of the Year Michael Grimsley