2024 CKF Angler of The Year

2024 AOY Points Scoring System will be slightly different than prior years to help keep the season competitive until the very end!

  1. Regular Season Tournaments:

    • There will be 9 regular-season tournaments.
    • Points are awarded based on placement, with 1st place earning 100 points, 2nd place 99 points, and so on.
    • Each members 6 best tournament scores will be counted toward their season total, allowing for 3 tournaments where their lowest scores can be "dropped."
    • Only CKF members will accrue points. Non-members can participate but their placement will not count towards points. If a non-member wins a tournament, the highest-finishing member will receive the points for 1st place, the second-highest member will receive points for 2nd place, and so forth.
    • Members and Non-members that place 1st in any tournament that have also fished 3 or more 2024 events, get an automatic invitation to the Tournament of Champions
  2. Tournament of Champions (TOC):

    • The TOC is a qualification-only event lasting 2 days.
    • Members with 400 points and more will be invited
    • 1st place finishers throughout the season who competed in 3 or more tournaments are invited.
    • Qualified anglers will earn AOY points from both day one and day two of the TOC, so the CKF AOY champion won't be crowned until after the TOC.
  3. Awards:

    • The winner of the CKF Tournament of Champions will receive a Championship Belt and a Prize Package.
    • The CKF Angler of the Year, determined by the regular-season and TOC scores, will receive a trophy and a prize package.